Buti is located in a favourable position, given that it is very near to the most beautiful cities of Tuscany, such as Lucca, Pisa, Firenze and Siena; we are also very near the other famous cultural smaller cities as Calci, San Gimignano and Volterra. Also the Versilian coast beach and its cities - Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Torre del Lago – are only 30 min far from us.
It is significant to remind that Buti is also well known as a stronghold of the Tuscan cooking: there are more than ten restaurants, and two of them are just close to us.

Another event which is followed with great enthusiasm is the Saint Anthony Palio, held on the first Sunday following 17 January. The town is decked out in buntings, each quarter displaying its colours; there is a procession, with people wearing their colours and then, in the afternoon, horse racing with the ‘Palio’ as a prize for the winning horse, jockey and quarter.

Many of its old traditions are kept alive in modern Buti. One example is the art of extemporising poetry, which is called the “Maggio”, a folk drama based on stories of saints' lives or melodramatic legends. It is an authentic example of folklore and is still very much alive in Buti today.

Another reminder of the past is the traditional "Chestnut Fete", hold every year on the third Sunday of October. Chestnut farming – wood for furniture and baskets, and chestnuts for food – was once a basic ingredient of daily life here, going back to the times when Buti was founded, and was particularly florid during the times of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (16th - early 19th centuries). Production of our superb quality extra virgin olive oil is still today an important and thriving resource here in Buti.

Buti, which boats a wide number of clubs and societies and a whole series of fetes and celebrations all year round , as well as an excellent theatre season and an annual contemporary art exhibition, is an interesting , stimulating place to be; it is also attractive to visit and to live in, surrounded, as it is, by thick pine and chestnut woodland, ideal for walks along the signposted mountain paths or for bicycle rides along the 25 km bike paths recently laid out by the town council.

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Buti - Frantoio - fine 1700

Buti - Palio delle Contrade


Castel Tonini

Buti - Teatro Francesco di Bartolo